Instagram is my social media platform of choice. I love seeing the world through the eyes of others.

Maybe not quite so many selfies. Other than that, it feels like a fine way to engage with like-minded others. While I supposedly have 239 followers, even my most popular posts average about 30 likes. And I diligently # what seem to me to be on point topics and places. Imagine my surprise when I woke one morning to 810 likes.

The explanation was simple enough, #simplysantafe is a vibrant online community that does an exceptional job of connecting local instagrammers. They effectively build enthusiasm around Santa Fe's remarkable scenery, diverse culture and local events. They connect Santa Fe.

Simple lesson: if we want to get our messages into the world, whether for marketing our businesses or simple sharing, the most direct path is connecting with community. People who share our passions, our interests and ideas are the most likely to help us expand our audience, to lead us to others who will help us build support a concept or a cause.  In fact, I found my amazing web designer, @fzk_franziska when she liked one of my posts.  

Find and follow people and organizations that provide a platform for engagement. Post and like. Connect.  @newvoodou would like to see what you have to say.